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So, this is how it went:

6:30 a.m. husband and brother meet up to go trapping

10:47 a.m. txt message received: 1220 gram-ish
1:39 p.m. txt message received: boy
4:56 p.m. arrive home with a Redtail hawk

What that means (I had to call to get the juicy details), is that the first one they caught weighed approximately 1220 grams and is probably a female (due to size).  Evidently, it’s not that easy to tell if it’s a male or female, but the female’s are usually bigger.  And then, 2 1/2 hours later, they caught another one, possibly a male (again, this is thought because of its size).  The second one is for our cousin who is also a first-time falconer.

Redtail Hawk

A beautiful Redtail Hawk

Redtail Hawk

Safely wrapped up for the ride back home

I made my H some dinner as the rest of his evening is going to be spent bonding with his new Redtail.  He has the lights down low and is keeping the room quiet.  I’ve got the dogs upstairs with me, keeping them away, as this is a critical time for husband and hawk to get to know one another.

Being Hawk-eyed

Being Hawk-Eyed!