On a recent hunting trip in South Georgia, these falconers and their hawks hunted together for squirrels, a common prey for the Red-tailed Hawk. The photos illustrate three different hawks (Gracie, an immature female, Scout, an immature male and Heath). If you look closely at the photos, you will be able to tell a difference in the appearance  – their size and coloring (you also might see a squirrel, racoon and armadillo!).

Click on the “expand” button on the bottom right corner to view larger images, then sit back, watch, relax and imagine  you were there…

Many thanks go out to Bart, the photographer who braved the forests and took these photos.

 South Georgia Hunting Trip
I couldn’t resist adding this one by itself – my Husband (above) running after Gracie who has a squirrel in her talons…

  • http://suzrocks.com/blog SuzRocks

    Last fall we went to this medieval festival and watched the falconer do his thing. It was amazing the things that those birds are trained to do! My dog was quite impressed also. She was more impressed with how good the falcon might taste though, and not so much with how well he obeyed.

  • falconerswife

    Oh well, our dogs certainly see life from a different vantage point (not to mention the floor). Before my husband became a falconer, we had a Medieval Times dinner for an office Christmas Party – the falconry was awesome. Sometimes I still can't believe that now we have two dogs and a bird (of prey). Thanks for stopping by!

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