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Once again, the Outdoor Blogger Network has put forth a writer’s prompt: Lets see where the Outdoor blog ‘work’ gets done. I love a challenge, especially an easy one (does that still qualify as a challenge?).  Most of the time, when I ponder about which word to use and if I have to look it up in the dictionary, I am sitting in my living room late in the evening with my husband, lab and golden retriever.  As I was blogging today (and reading the OBN post about where we write when we blog), I looked down and the perfect photo op appeared to include with this post.

Thanks pups!

  • The River Damsel

    I love your doggies!!!! I have had a few labs in my life and they were the BEST!!! In fact, one looked much like yours… :) Your blogging space looks very comfortable!

  • d. nash

    Great picture! I love it. looks like the perfect spot to write :)

  • kmurray

    That was a perfect photo op!

    You certainly have some friendly lookin' critters, and a nice comfy spot to blog as well.

  • Elle

    What beautiful animals. You might be interested in a new magazine "Where Women Create". It looks like you have an idyllic place to create. Animals bring such a loving vibe, it makes any environment warmer.

    Keep on creating…it is enjoyable for your fans.

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