Well, it’s official. Until now, Gracie had been a bit of a mystery to our dogs and myself, but now it’s a whole new level of real.  Most of the time she’s been in a dimly lit room with my H, just he, she and ESPN spending some good quality bonding time together. We’ve had glimpses here and there, a few furtive photo ops and daylight sightings.  However, last night, my H set up a place in our living room just for Gracie.  It’s the next step in her training and socialization, getting familiar with new sights, situations and sounds. Her new special area is composed of a metal perch, AstroTurf, a tarp, towels, a dog gate and a sheet against the living room wall… a vision of loveliness :)

AstroTurf is used by falconers for their hawk's perches

Moving past the obvious decor issues, it was her first introduction to the entire family inside the house and it was a great success!  Our Lab and Golden obeyed perfectly as commanded and curiously lay on the carpet with eyes alert and quivering noses pointed directly towards her.  After a while, they abandoned any real hope of investigating this new visitor in our home and dozed off.

We all watched Boardwalk Empire with the volume down low and Gracie was perfectly at ease. She even rested comfortably on one leg, stretching it out every so often as if this was the norm. I think she’ll be disappointed that next week is the season finale.

  • Elle

    I'm happy that Gracie is settling in. I'm sad that Boardwalk Empire is almost over…
    Love the description of your pups with Gracie sounds like a fun family!

  • http://funcfish.com Functioning Fishahol

    Wow what a beautiful Hawk! I found your site on the OBN and I'm glad I did this is NEAT! Hawks are rare to spot where I live. I consider it a gift every time I see one in the wild.

    I think I'm hooked! You tell a great story and I can't wait to see how things go in the future!

  • The Falconer's

    Thanks for visiting! Love the name of your site. BTW, I really think the camo outfit will totally fool the fish :)

  • The Falconer (the &q

    Thanks and appreciation to my wife for graciously allowing our home to be transformed into a mews.

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